Saturday, September 6, 2008

I just started...

Ok, so everyone else in my family has a blog so I thought i'd dive in. I dont know who the hell I think I am to have a blog. There are so many out there I doubt mine will ever get read by anyone. Wow, I'm a positive patty. I guess what i'm really saying is that i'm doing this assuming noone will read it, so its more for myself then anyone else.
I just started school, college. I started with 9 credits and dropped down to 3. I only wanted to try college to see if I could do it. If I would get accepted, could locate my class, and enjoy and be proud of myself. I did, I did and I am. So the classes that bored my out or stressed me out, I dropped like a hot crack pipe. ( no I don't smoke crack just painting you a picture). I just want to have a plan for my life and not just sway with the brease. I want to feel i have a purpose and get to work on it. I thought school would help me find one. But with it only been twice Ive attended class. It hasn't happened yet.
Imagine my dissapointment today as I punched a clock at wal-mart again, for what seeems like the millionth time in ten years. I'm not kidding, its been ten years. The dissapointment in myself to have a job thats just monkey work. Yes, I see the big picture. Oh if I don't stock the shelves then little tommy won't eat or be able to wash his hair. But the picture in my world is meak. It s heard to pull yourself out of a hole sometime. Potholes are everywhere and I think I'm slipping into one.
Maybe it was just a shitty day. Everyone has them.